What is “The Change Formula?”

Vision X Resistance = Change: VxR Works!

Vision Times Resistance Equals Change! Simple but effective. First we clarify your brand, or vision (V): Who are you? What makes you unique? Then we lower resistance (R) through implementation of your “V” to your intended audience!

More important: How can it change your your business?

Vision Times Resistance Equals Change! Implementation is just the starting point for a process of analysis that holds us accountable to a “Customer Acquisition Cost” (CAC) that shows the results we obtain!

What is “Video Marketing?”

I mean, how is it different than marketing online… using video?

Our Video-Marketing services provide more than a simple emphasis on video production. It’s a technique we developed for maximizing the amount of engagement video can generate, and optimizing that engagement towards positive outcomes. Positive outcome in online traffic. Positive outcomes in qualified customers. Positive outcomes in conversions. And, of course, more positive customer experiences resulting in positive growth of customer referrals.

Modern Tools for modern businesses!

Because Modern Businesses still face the same old problems!

Strategic Brand Building and USP Development • Crowd-Source Funding and Angel Presentations • Social Media Integration and Creative Blogging for Businesses • Creative Communication, Design, Production and Implementation • Video Content Creation for Television Broadcast and Online Delivery • Web Design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • Strategic Media Planning and Procurement • Budget Management, Team Building and Sales Training • Print/POS/Direct Mail/Traffic and More…

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